My New Favorite Thing

Just back in the second very wet mountain bike session, working with a group of young people towards their Go Mountain Biking awards. I have gone back to using cleated pedals so have the cleats in the bottoms of the shoes this means in cold wet weather the bottoms of my feet get cold. So my world has changed with the arrival of DexShell waterproof socks into my life.

I did a winter snow wading ride with a friend in the Tweed Valley South of Edinburgh and my feet by the end of it were so cold I wasn’t sure the two lumps at the end of my legs still belonged to me and he wasn’t suffering with the same problem – he was wearing waterproof socks.


Snow ride in the Tweed Valley

I went off on a bit of a mission to research which were the best but most importantly cost effective. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gortex (judging by the number of jackets on the hangers) but when you put the label on the price seems to disappear up through the ceiling. I have an Event fabric jacket which I like, it has a nice feel but I couldn’t find socks made from it. I came across a reference in one of the forums to DexShell it was getting good reviews so I paid my money and waited for the post to arrive.

They feel a little odd when you first pick them up almost cardboard like but they fitted well so I took them out for a ride on the bike and came back with warm feet. The next test was been to take them on a wet cold ride so the last two trips to the tracks in the Castle Grounds in Stornoway were perfect.

I am impressed warm, dry feet.


DexShell sock after a muddy wet ride