First Look

I wondered as I looked at the wood carving at start of the path to Barpa Langais, on North Uist, if the image an eight foot wooden hammer attempting to hit a one ton block of Lewisian Gneiss might be appropriate as the opening picture for a blog?

Langass Uist.jpg

There are plenty of metaphors; how inappropriate trying break one of the oldest rocks in the world with a wooden hammer, the distortion of perspective the lens we look through contorting the image, the futility of hitting rock with wood. Possibly how full of *&^% is the writer.

So why write, perhaps to make sense of my own thoughts, by committing them to cyber-space I give them a fleeting life of their own; like looking at a yellow Hebridean bumblebee alighting on a flower on the machair and then watching it rise away searching for the next source of nectar?

So I am likely to write about things on a random basis and to quote Andy Kirkpatrick:

‘Read, comment, spam, bin, rant, cry – take it or leave it I don’t care.’

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