Think about what you watch

I was sitting with one of my small people and we were discussing youtubers,  he was espousing Prince Ea, how he was giving an environmental message I might like, so sitting on the sofa we watched:

Now don’t think I don’t like the message, we should all be responsible global citizens and take our duties to the planet very seriously, as in if we don’t there won’t be a planet, but as we discussed on the sofa, you should always critique what people say very carefully. (And I include my own views). So as we were using YouTube we had a little look to see if there was anyone who was giving Mr Prince Ea a little … robust feedback?

This is what we found … and we laughed but it opened some serious discussion about what ‘should I believe?’

And then like all good forays into YouTube Land we found a much more important video for a school person … ‘You don’t legally have to go to school’

But even more importantly we went back searching videos about building our project soapbox cart …

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